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Dartmouth, Massachusetts

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Boats of Wood, Men of Iron

In a boat built of wood from the mountains of Maine
With a keel of pasture oak, Neptune himself couldn't strain
After a full days steam to the Nor'East Peak
Eleven men will fish an eight day week
Catching scallops in both foul weather and fair
They'll toil the decks with twenty footers everywhere
Shucking those clams while standing at the box
The drags are hauled back, stuffed full with rocks
The captain climbs down and says with a sigh
"Let's finish up boys, it's time to fly"
They step in close to hear what he'll say
"It's a storm we have, force twelve on the way"
With all secure, it's time that they turn
The great grey sea's soon to boil and churn
So go ahead storm give it your best
Their full ahead now, bearing due west
Plunging and plowing long into the night
The storm may lose, this crew's giving fight
As the heaven's above are being torn apart
We find the crew to a man, praying from the heart
With first light comes waves running fifty plus feet
There's no rest to be had if the storms to be beat
This grand old boat shudders, struggles to rise
As mountains of water try to claim one more prize
With windows blown in, water cascading inside
This crew just won't quit, they keep bucking the tide
After jumping the shoals and rounding the corner they see
The hurricane barrier far off to their lee
Like a sparkling young maiden worriedly singing her tales
From across the fetch, the lighthouse horn wails
Finally tied to the dock eleven weary men rest
Iron strong men, New Bedfords best!