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One little observation

As a kid I always loved it when there was a storm.  Whether it be a thunderstorm or snow, I had my face glued to the window looking at all of the excitement going on outside.  The big "moment" for me was in 3rd grade.  After school one day I looked up in the sky and saw the clouds moving left to right.  Didn't think too much about it until the next day, when about the same time and place I looked up and noticed the clouds were now moving from right to left.  This one, simple observation led me down the path were I find myself today.   This one, simple observation, started the whole process of questioning things and learning just from seeing things. No books necessary to make observations. By keeping my eyes and mind open, I have learned many things.When I was a kid, being a television meteorologist was on the short list of things I really wanted to do and I'm still living the dream!