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Maria Angelica

Buenos Aires , Argentina

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Environmental Pediatric Unit (Unidad Pediátrica Ambiental)

Back in 2005 the first Environmental Pediatric Unit was created in the oldest pediatric hospital in Latin America.Through the efford of it´s members CHE was introduced to colleagues, students, patients and their families.This video shows the work of this team of doctors, nurses, school teachers, Peds proffesors, volunteers and other human resource.It is not an easy task since living conditions of the attending patients are not good but so much has been achieved if one looks back.There are four  other Pediatric Environmental Units in the area of Buenos Aires and one more in Cordoba province as well as working groups in various other hospitals.The implementation of the environmental pediatric history is a big challenge considering patient flow but nevertheless doctors and nurses are trying their best.We are considering the possibility of providing this video with English subtitles in order to conver a larger audience.The Argentinean Pediatric Society is backing up this effor as well as the National Ministry of Health and the local PAHO office.Next March a book that sumarizes this effort will be release (I'll send you copies).