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Portland, Oregon

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Lifelong Discovery + Appreciation

No one, single epiphanic moment stands out as my tipping point toward my love for nature. It's really been a lifelong collection of experiences and memories, from childhood to parenthood, forever deepening my passion for conservation and sustainability. As a child, I have fond memories hiking the Cascades and Sierra Nevada mountains with my family, camping and fishing each summer. The Oregon Coast was always our special getaway, scouring the beach for shells, and getting lost in wonderment watching the surf roll in and out. As a young adult, I've taken great pride in being a native of the Pacific NW, exploring many rivers and trails from California to Vancouver, BC. Serving in the Peace Corps gave me the incredibly humbling opportunity to see and experience the harsh contrasts of sub-Sarahan Africa, and the real life impact of sweltering heat, lack of water, poor soils, deforestation/desertification, etc. Getting to hold a lion cub that may one day be extinct from the planet. And now, as a father, immediately wanting to share and preserve what's natural with my daughter so that she can one day do the same.  Nothing makes me happier than watching her stop to watch a bird, or comment on how big the trees are. Looking back, I'm sure there were lots of influences and influencers along the way (my Grandma the birder for sure, school field trips, Bill Nye the Science Guy, The Lorax, Animal Planet, National Geographic, enlightened friends, The Inconvenient Truth, The Natural Step, Thomas Berry's Great Work, volunteer work parties, work conferences, clients, etc...), that have all, together, help shaped me into the citizen of the world that I am today.