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Earth Changing Moments: Pass It On

My earth changing moment came compliments of my mother (aka the greatest life teacher ever). We were walking along our favorite stretch of beach and there was some trash. My mom asked me to pick it up. I stuck my hands on my hips and said “I didn’t litter.” My mom said “rather than figure out who is to blame for the problem, figure out who can fix it. Count yourself lucky if the answer is you.” I think about that each time I have the opportunity to make a good environmental choice versus a bad one. Last week, many years after this important lesson, I was walking on a different stretch of beach. I saw some trash and, like always, picked it up. Then I noticed a small boy fifty feet behind me follow my lead and pick up a bottle that had washed ashore. At a minimum, when it comes to the environment, I can feel good about doing the right thing. Even better, I can set an example for others and this makes my small earth changing moments quite big.