Taking It For Granted | My Earth Changing Moment


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Taking It For Granted

I had what I guess you would call a reverse "aha" moment. I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and was surrounded by amazing views like the one in this photo for my whole childhood. I went hiking a lot as a teenager and one of my favorite memories is picking up a hot pizza from the local pizza place and driving up to the Blue Ridge Parkway with friends to have a picnic at one of the overlooks. We would arrive at sunset and watch the stars begin to populate the sky. It wasn't until I moved away for school that I realized how much I took my surroundings for granted. I found myself in a city where you could hardly see the stars at night and hiking meant having a car and driving out of town to find a reasonable place to enjoy nature. I had grown up with a respect for my environment that I still carry with me, but it took leaving for me to appreciate how lucky I was to have been raised in that area.