Meeting Meatless and Feeling Great | My Earth Changing Moment


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Chicago, IL

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Meeting Meatless and Feeling Great

I first adopted a plant-based, whole food diet years ago out of concerns for my own health.   I cointinue to enjoy these rich health dividends along with delicioous, wholesome meals!  

Later, as I learned more about the effects of animal-based agriculture on our environment - on our air, water, soil, land use, and even climate change -- I realized that with every single plant-based meal I enjoy, I am helping our environment in profound ways.   

That's a source of great satisfaction for me, as well as a continuing source of good health!   Even though I carefully observe other ways to protect the environment, there is not a single thing that I, as an individual, do for our planet Earth, as well as for myself, that has as positive an impact as adhering to a plant based, whole food lifestyle!

Plus it makes me happy because it is so delicious!