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Toppenish, WA

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You may read the title of the story and think this is just one of those stories that involves someone changing a lightbulb to reduce the electricity bill. It is a nice idea, but that is not exactly what happened to me. While I was putting my clothes into the washer about three weeks ago, I thought "Jeez, I wonder how much electricity I am using while I wash my clothes?" So I thought, there has to be a way where I will not waste so much electricity. While I was talking to my grandmother about this, she was telling me stories about how her mother had to wash her and her siblings clothes by hand and have them hang up on wires to dry. That is when a lightbulb turned on in my head; kind of like when you see cartoon characters light up when they get an idea. So the next time I had to do laundy, I tried doing washing my clothes by my hand. To be on the safe side, I first washed a couple pairs of clothes just in case I damaged them. Then I dried them on the stairs of my house outside. It actually worked. Although it took of course, longer to dry, it was pretty much the same as drying it in the dryer. The only thing is that I had to iron my clothes :)