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Queens, New York

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Sing, C.

At one point in my life, as I was a child growing up I never really understood the importance of not littering. I remember my parents taking me out for on a road trip. We then passed what seems to be a huge land where waste was thrown. I started to ask my parents questions about why the garbage was thrown there and why could it not be disposed in a proper way. They told me that this is why you never throw your trash outside. Ever since that day I've seen all those plastic bottles and card boards just pushed off in a huge opened land, I said to myself I would never throw anything outside on the streets. I feel that littering can lead to building up waste/toxic on the streets which is not healthy and safe for our earth. Other ideas such as recycling came to my mind. Up to this day I always make sure that things are thrown out properly no matter where I am. In High School me and my friends would make signs to prevent littering. I felt very great about doing this becuase I knew I was making a positive change for our environment and earth.