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Food for All

For years I've known vegetarians who chose that path for various reasons. Some loved animals, some for environmental reasons, some because they just never liked the taste of meat. They would challenge me to be a vegetarian for a day and I never thought I could do it. I thought they were crazy. Funny that today I'm 90 percent vegan. What changed? Well, I did two years in the Peace Corps in eastern Senegal, and I did a lot of reading about sustainable agriculture and food. But more importantly, meat is expensive and milk is hard to come by in the bush. I was eating an almost vegan diet without even trying, and you know what, it wasn't that hard. I came back to the States and decided to keep it going. I felt so good I just couldn't stop. Do I miss meat? Not in the least. Even as a foodie, there are so many delicious vegetables out there that I haven't looked back in the slightest. I challenge everyone to try it. For one meal a day, maybe even one day a week, or a whole work week. It doesn't have to be a zero sum game. Lessening our dependence on meat, especially big animals, makes the world a healthier, cleaner place. Live outside your comfort zone, challenge your preconceived notions, and try something new. Maybe you do it for yourself or maybe you do it for the environment, I do it for both. Read the China Study, watch Food Inc. Tell a friend. Don’t just sit there – get moving!